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Transfers between L'Aquila and Pizzoli

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1By Bus

tua arpa bus

Bus transfers between Pizzoli (where students' flats are located) and L'Aquila are operated by T.U.A. (previously aka ARPA) Remember: tickets (around 2 EUR for a single one) must be purchased before getting on the bus and then stamped when you're on board. Most bars in Pizzoli sell tickets (you may see an A.R.P.A./TUA small poster on the bar window, which means that tickets are available there).
To get weekly or monthly bus passes (abbonamento in Italian) you'll need an TUA/ARPA student's card. We'll provide you with such card (price is 2~3 euros) a few days after your arrival. Before that, you can only get single tickets or weekly ones. Weekly bus passes are available even without such card, but at a higher price.

BUS TIMETABLE Pizzoli > L'Aquila

Buses departing from the Mex Pub in Pizzoli (# 3 on the map)

Note that a few buses will also be calling at the Area MAP (where our flats are located, #2 on the map), but a timetable has not confirmed yet.

Mondays - Saturdays

Duration Departs Dep. Station Arr. Station Arrives
bus pizzoli aq 2017



  Duration Departs Dep. Station Arr. Station Arrives
1 00:15 17:30 Pizzoli-piazza L'Aquila Ospedale S. Salvatore 17:45


BUS TIMETABLE L'Aquila > Pizzoli

Buses calling at the Mex Pub in Pizzoli (# 4 on the map

Mondays - Saturdays

Duration Departs Dep. Station Arr. Station Arrives
bus aq pizzoli 2017



  Duration Departs Dep. Station Arr. Station
1 00:15 15:34 L'Aquila Ospedale S. Salvatore Pizzoli-piazza



  • Very importante note: TUA/ARPA weekly and monthly passes will expire at the end of the related week/month, no matter when you've purchased them! So, e.g., if you get a weekly ticket on Thursday, it'll expire after two days, and not on the following Wednesday night, as you might expect. The same happens with a monthly pass: it will expire at the end of the month (Sept 30th, let's say) even though you might have purchased it on Sept 20th, for instance!
  • The first stop the bus will do in L'Aquila is called "L'Aquila Ospedale S. Salvatore" in Coppito (if you're not sure, ask the driver to drop you at Ospedale (hospital): get off here to walk to the D.I.S.I.M. (Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics) or if you need to change buses and get to "L'Aquilone Shopping Center", for instance.
  • Next stop is the "Hotel Amiternum": change here to catch a coach (TUA/ARPA, FlixBus,Gaspari, Baltour) to Rome or other Italian cities (TUA/ARPA tickets are sold in the bar you'll find next to the hotel entrance) or if you need to walk to the main university canteen.
  • If you're catching a bus bound for Pizzoli or our Department, you'll have to cross the petrol station and walk to the road called SS80 [map, photo]
  • The last stop is the "Collemaggio" bus station/terminal, from which you can catch any local bus or coach. Alight here to walk to the GSSI institute or the old city centre (there are even underground escalators inside the bus terminal taking you up to main square Piazza Duomo).
  • On Sundays you may call a taxi (+39 086225165, around 20 euros Pizzoli-Hotel Amiternum), which is available every day from Hotel Amiternum up to midnight - on Thursdays and Saturdays up to 2 am.
  • Another possibility to get to L'Aquila on Sundays is walking to an area (view a map) near Pizzoli called "bivio San Vittorino" or "bivio Cermone", which is served by L'Aquila AMA local buses (instead of ARPA); and then, from there you may catch an AMA local bus riding to our department, Hotel Amiternum and the main bus station (number 15 AMA bus).


2By Taxi

radiotaxi aquila.jpg

We have a special agreement with Radio Taxi. If you show your student card and tell the taxi-driver you are an Erasmus Mundus student, you will pay only 20 euro (instead of 25 euro) for the trip L'Aquila-Pizzoli or viceversa.

Radio Taxis are available every day until midnight - on Thursdays and Saturdays until 2 am.


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