Simulation of logistic systems

Additional Info

  • ECTS credits: 6
  • Semester: 3
  • University: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Objectives:


    To study the simulation techniques as a tool to draw conclusions when the real systems cannot be checked directly, or modelled more precisely, or when the output measures of interest are too hard to compute. Common problems in industrial logistics is the driving applied theme.

  • Topics:


    Introduction to flexible manufacturing. Modelling of systems oriented to discrete events: Petri nets and coloured Petri nets. Statistical models for simulation. Simulation of systems oriented to discrete events. Management of shared resources. Heuristic techniques.

  • Books:

    N.Viswanadham,Y. Narahari. Performance Modeling of Automated Manufacturing Systems. Prentice Hall, 1992.

    Merkuryev, Merkureva, Guasch, Piera: Simulation-Based Case Studies in Logistics: Education and AppliedResearch. Springer London. 2009.

    M.A. Piera, T.Guasch, J. Casanovas, J.J. Ramos. Cómo Mejorar la Logística de su Empresa Mediante la Simulación. Ed. Diaz De Santos. 2006.

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