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Jaroslaw Rybicki
Jaroslaw Rybicki
Local Coordinator, MathMods Academic
Gdansk University of Technology - Poland
Has left the programme

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J. Rybicki, born in Gdansk, Poland in 1960, graduated in Physics in 1983, received his PhD degree in Physics in 1989, and DSc degree in 2002. Awarded with the Ministry Prize for the Application of the Vlasov Theory to Calculation of Bulkheadless Ships (1987) and the Ministry Prize for the PhD thesis (1990).

Author and co-author of over 130 scientific publications in international journals and two books. From 2004 professor in theoretical and computational physics at the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics at Gdansk University of Technology. His field of interest covers computer modelling of the structure of disordered systems (oxide glasses and liquid metals and alloys), phase transitions (condensation from gas phase, premelting phenomena) and the mechanical properties of nanostructures (mechanism of plastic deformation, formation and motion of dislocations, molecular mechanism of friction). From 1997 is a software evaluation expert at the TASK supercomputer centre. He is a member of several professional and scientific societies, among others: Polish Physical Society (currently the President of the Gdansk's branch), Polish Society of Computer Simulation, Computational Physics Committee of Polish Academy of Science, Polish Society of Theoretical Mechanics. Founder and editor of TASK Quarterly. He is a frequent visitor to many European universities: University of Camerino (Italy), University of Florence (Italy), University of L'Aquila (Italy), Lviv University (Ukraine), Kiev University (Ukraine), Athens University (Greece). He develops a wide didactic activity, and is strongly involved in internationalization of studies at GUT, preparation of new curricula and teaching quality control. ERASMUS programme coordinator at his Faculty.


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