12 Oct

Welcome Day by Aquilasmus 2015

You are all invited (first and second years) to join the Welcome-Day meeting organized by Aquilasmus, a student association part of ESN - Erasmus Student Network.

  • Day: Wednesday, October 14
  • Time: 4.00 pm
  • Venue: Aula Magna, Department of Human Studies (14 Viale Nizza, city centre, see below for directions).

There will be a presentation of what the association does for international students (e.g. organizing parties, trips, international dinners, cine-forums...). 

You'll also be given a welcome pack, containing pens, notebooks, maps and the like.

In the end there'll be a buffet dinner too, as well as a dinner party later at 11 pm (Andalucia restaurant)

As we really want all of you to take part in the event, we've cancelled all the classes scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. 


City centre, around 100 metres from the big fountain called "Fontana Luminosa" and the Castle.

There's an ARPA bus leaving our department at 2.15 and 3.25, then you'll just have to get off at "Questura" (police station) - it's the last but one stop before "Terminal". But you can also get any AMA bus driving to Terminal or, better still, Fontana Luminosa.

Click here for a map.

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