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Schedule of lectures: Semester 4 in L'Aquila 2020/21

The schedules of lectures for Year 2 > Semester 2, academic year 2020/21, are available on the website of our department (DISIM department, University of L'Aquila).

Given the current pandemic, several changes might occur at any time. So, make sure you get familiar with that official web page.

Here are some hints about how to find your own schedule from that link:

  1. MathMods relies on the local MSc in Mathematical Modelling known in Italian as "LAUREA MAGISTRALE IN MATHEMATICAL MODELLING (MODELLISTICA MATEMAICA)" (aka "I4Y", it's just an acronym you may find on the file) 
  2. Online courses will be running on MS Teams. If the code to join a course is still missing on the file, check back later or wait for the lecturer to email it to you. 
  3. Classrooms starting with "A" (e.g. A1.4) are located in the building known as "Coppito 0" or "Alan Turing" (map)
  4. Classrooms without an initial "A" (e.g. 1.7) are located in the building known as "Coppito 1", the one where our office can be found, too (map).
  5. Classrooms starting with "C" (e.g. C1.9) can be found in the building known as "Coppito 2" (map).

Note that, due to the current pandemic, you can access our university premises only after having signed a specific "self-declaration" form about your current health condition. You need to confirm that your temperature is lower than 37.5 C, that you haven't been in contact with infected people over the last 14 days, you currently have no cough, no cold, no sore throat. By signing the form you're also committing yourself to following all the regulations about Covid19 within the university premises (wearing a face mask, washing your hands frequently, practicing social distances etc.). Most importantly, you declare that you're aware of the Abruzzo region restrictions, based on which you may need to have been quarantined and having completed the self-isolation period before accessing our campuses (check out this link if you're not sure about it).

Download the univaq app (available on Google Store and App Store) to submit such a form and reserve a place for a specific class (click here for guidelines).

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