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News from UHH

News from UHH

Updates from the University of Hamburg (UHH), Germany

12 Jun

Last Friday (June 5, 2015) we went out on a dragon bout tour on the Alster lake and its canals. We were lucky for having chosen this day, it was the first summer day in Hamburg with about 27 degrees and Hamburg was shown at its best from the water side! While passing at some of the most prosperous properties in Hamburg with beautifull estates and gardens with rhododendrons in flower we saw lots of aquatic birds such as ducks, geese, great crested grebes, cormorants and swans. The Alster lake as well as the canals were well-attended by people doing stand up paddling, canoeing and we saw all kinds of boats: for sailing, pedalling, rowing and we crossed the famous Alster boats passing.

After a short introduction in how to behave on and deal with the dragon boat given by our cox our students launched the dragon boats and with Aida and Rakshit on the drums we put to sea. The most important command was the stop command in order to avoid a pile-up with other watercrafts or the botany. Our students showed once again their ability to respond to a challenge which they mastered brilliantly. Addtionally our students gave a sample of their Italian knowledge by counting in Italian in order to improve the rhythm of the rowing teams! After a really short break and a change on the drums, Sascha alternated with Rakshit, our cox who by the way was enthusiastic of our students, who tried hard to follow his instructions and to cut a good figure, trained us for a final race. Only by a hair's breadth the red team won the race. We had a lot of fun and none of us felt into the water :-).


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24 Mar

Here is the timetable for your second semester in Hamburg (2015).


UHH Timetable, Summer Term 2015
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26 Feb

On Wednesday 25 February we went out ice-skating at Germany's biggest ice arena located at Planten un Blomen in the center of Hamburg. For our MathMods second year students who had just finished their exams it was a good opportunity to do something else than studying while having fun after the exhausting exam period. All our international students, even those who tried ice- skating for the first time in their lives, proved that they were not only excellent students but multi-talented guys and girls facing all kind of challenges. It was really amazing.

Many thanks to all of you and enjoy the photos!

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27 Dec

A few photos from the Thesis Defense Day held in September 2014 in Hamburg University. Congratulations to our graduates and all the best in your future!

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18 Dec
This week we've invited our MathMods (Phd) students for some Christmas celebrations and to conclude with the current year. Our MathMods team was keen on baking cookies, cakes and sweets, some typical German and Italian Christmas sweets like Stollen (a sort of sweet bread), Lebkuchen and Parrozzo and the students tasted some hot punch - Glühwein (unfortunately alcohol-free :-( ). Professor Struckmeier was so friendly to bring two guitars for accompanying with Gabriel our brave students :-) while singing a few German and international Christmas carols. Thank you all very much for contributing to the success of our Christmas party! We wish our students and the MathMods teams all over Europe the very best for 2014, may the New Year bring you all health, happiness and joy. Merry Christmas from the Mathematics Department in Hamburg!
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