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Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Full Partner until completion of the 2017 intake - Associated Partner as of the 2018 intake

Short Presentation

The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) is a generalist campus-based University, hosting 43,000 students. The university was selected among the top five universities to be recognized as a Campus of International Excellence by the Spanish government. The UAB's commitment to internationalisation is reflected in its satellite offices in Shanghai and Korea as well as agreements with many international universities facilitating exchanges and joint projects for students and researchers. The Department of Mathematics (with around 75 full-time-equivalent faculty and 8.5 administration and technical support staff) is the responsible of the Mathematics and the Statistics bachelors, and teaches service courses around the campus. Its Ph.D. programme enjoys currently the Mention of Excellence of the Education Ministry. The department also promotes the transfer of technology through its Mathematical Consulting Service.



Departament de Matemàtiques

Fields of research related to MathMods topics:  Stochastic analysis, mathematical statistics, discrete dynamical systems. Applications to: Process optimisation, data modelling.

  Edifici Cc - Campus UAB 08193 Bellaterra – Catalonia (Spain)

  +34 935811304

  +34 935812790



Partner coordinator

aureli thumbAureli Alabert
Professor of Statistics and Operations Research at the Faculty of Sciences, Autonomous University of Barcelona

 Departament de Matemàtiques Edifici Cc - Campus UAB 08193 Bellaterra – Catalonia (Spain)

  +34 935813566

  +34 935812790



The city of Barcelona

Barcelona is a Mediterranean city of about 1,600,000 inhabitants, capital of Catalonia, an autonomous nation inside Spain. The climate is mild, with temperatures ranging from a mean of 10ºC on January-February to 30ºC on July-August. Barcelona has a long-standing mercantile and industrial tradition, together with a more recent powerful services sector. Culturally, Barcelona is an extremely rich city, with frequent music events, important museums, a theatre summer festival, a renowned architecture, and first class sports facilities and events: A Formula One Grand Prix in the Circuit de Catalunya, Champions League football matches in the FC Barcelona stadium, and the Open Seat Godó of the ATP Tour in the RCT Barcelona clay courts, among others. The natural language in Barcelona is Catalan, but everybody understand and speak Spanish as well. For more information about Barcelona, click here.

How to get there

Barcelona can be easily reached by train from Europe and by plane from everywhere in the world. The airport is connected to the city by commuter train and buses.

How to get to the University

The Faculty of Sciences is located in the UAB main campus, in Bellaterra, around 20 km from downtown. There is a train station inside the campus, connecting the UAB with the city center in 30 minutes. For more information, click here.



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Barcelona can be easily reached by train from Europe and by plane from everywhere in the world. The airport is connected to the city by commuter train and buses.
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