Student's flats in Pizzoli

Our students' flats are located in Pizzoli, a little town on the outskirts of L'Aquila, at only 10-minute's drive from our department (around 8 Km). The whole neighbourhood is called "Area MAP" and the complete address is:

 Street name and number: via Borgo Campo San Giovanni 1
 Postcode (CAP in Italian):  67017
 Town: Pizzoli (L'Aquila)

  GPS coordinates 42.429915, 13.31272

transportationClick here for transfers between Pizzoli and L'Aquila (there's a bus stop just outside the flats or another one at 5 minute's walking distance).


Here are some more details

Flats come in 2 different types:

  1. Single-storey terraced flat with two bedrooms: a 55sqm flat with a spacious kitchen+living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom (including washing machine).
  2. Single-storey terraced flat with three bedrooms: a 70sqm flat with a spacious kitchen+living room, three bedrooms, and a bathroom (including washing machine).

No matter the type, all our flats feature the items below: 

  • A large room with fully equipped kitchen (household appliances like fridge, cooker, oven, dishwasher, kitchen utensils, cutlery, pots) as well as a living room (featuring tv and sofa)
  • A bed (either single or double - double to be used by one guest only!) with pillow, bed linen, blankets, duvet
  • A bathroom including a shower stall and a bidet (towels are provided, too)

 Click here to view a map showing where each flat number is located

Area MAP Pizzoli WiFi 2016 small

wasteClick here to view a calendar with directions to be followed for waste disposal in your flat


And here is a video of the flats and the whole neighbourhood


Map of Pizzoli and places you may need to get to from your flat

  1. MathMods student's flats, Area MAP, via Borgo San Giovanni 1
  2. ARPA Bus stop
  3. ARPA Bus stop (on the way to L'Aquila)
  4. ARPA Bus Stop (on the way back to Pizzoli)
  5. ARPA Bus stop
  6. Bar Marronaro (bus tickets available here)
  7. "The Mex" Pub
  8. Restaurant/Pizzeria "La Mimosa". Take-away pizza available ("da portare via" in Italian)
  9. Police Station (Carabinieri)
  10. Post Office (Poste Italiane)
  11. Pharmacy
  12. Bank and ATM (Bancomat)
  13. Town Hall (Municipio)
  14. Supermarket "Di Meglio" (just behind the large yellow building)
  15. Swimming Pool - Acquaticenter, Corso Sallustio 285 (inside "La Gioia" hotel)
  16. Gym "Palestra Alto Aterno"
  17. Doctor's (in the same building as the Bed and Breakfast)

pizzoli-map-2016 small

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