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The MathMods & InterMaths Alumni Association is a non-profit organization established on 9th May 2017.

The MathMods & InterMaths Alumni Association is a great resource of networking for students, alumni, and partner institutes. The association constantly provides students, alumni, and faculty with research opportunities, job announcements, internships, PhD, and possible connection with other institutes and industries. These announcements and news are constantly provided through their web services including their website, e-mailing, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, it constantly connects students with the EM Student and Alumni Association to expand students' network and unceasingly updates students with possible opportunities to join the activities of this association.

The association organizes a general meeting every year, where students and alumni meet and exchange ideas. This annual meeting is aimed to connect students and alumni of different generation, providing several and lengthy occasions where the students and alumni get to know one another as individuals and break down harmful cultural stereotypes in their international relations. In addition, the association is divided into several executive teams aimed to establish trust of working together on common issues. These teams consist of students and alumni living in the same networking zone so that they can have several meetings during the year to connect together as individuals and help the development of MathMods programme's network in their partner institutes.
With particular focus on third country students, a mentor is assigned for each student which takes care of the professional and personal development of the student. In addition, the student and the mentor have regular confidential meetings to discuss personal issues as well as future career and life plans. The mentor specifically focuses on the proper adaptation of the third country nationals to the framework of European universities. The mentor assures that they effectively use the learning resources and develop into independent learners.
Incoming third county students are directly connected to the network of MathMods Student and Alumni Association. Specifically, students are provided with country specific information before their arrival such as visa concerns, travelling tips, and preparation for the learning and teaching culture in Europe. In fact, based on the regions where the students are coming from, they are divided into groups and for each group a MathMods Alumnus is assigned to share his\her experiences such as cultural issues, living tips, and studying tactics. The Alumnus is further available for resolving cultural conflicts which students may encounter during their living in Europe and advises them about their social needs.

Each semester, partner institutes organize social, cultural, and sport activities to enhance the integration of students into their new environment. The orientation week at the beginning of each semester is a means to welcome and introduce new students to course works, services offered by the university, socio-cultural activities, and university sport facilities. Socio-cultural activities include, but is not limited to, dinners in order to expand networking among students and faculty, outdoor excursions, sport events, and regular visits of the historical and cultural aspects of the city or the region where the partner institute is located in. In addition, the intensive language course is a great tool to facilitate the integration of international students in the cultural dimension of the environment they are living in. News about each socio-cultural event is constantly updated through the web services of the Consortium or through the MathMods Student and Alumni Association website:
In addition, MathMods Consortium organizes monthly seminars, workshops, and intensive programmes not only to meet and connect with the faculty of the five partner institutes but also other institutions and industries connected to each partner institute. These are great resources for students to expand their professional networking by meeting top researchers from academic and industrial levels.
Focusing specifically on third world countries, MathMods Consortium provides special cultural events called Country Presentation. At each Country Presentation event, the amazing social and cultural aspects of one country are presented by its nationals participating in MathMods programme. These events are great opportunities for students to get to know about different cultures and to break down dangerous cultural stereotypes. In addition, these events provide better understanding of other cultures for European students and develop their capacity to work on an international basis.

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