MathMods & InterMaths Alumni Association

Erasmus Mundus MSc "MathMods" and Joint MSc "InterMaths"

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Established in May 2017


Meet our team: ► Mohammed Janneh, Chair ► Simone Fagioli, Depurty chair ► Danilo Larivera, Treasurer ► Bruno Rubino, Registrar
The MathMods & InterMaths Alumni Association is a non-profit organization established on 9th May 2017. The MathMods & InterMaths Alumni Association is a great resource of networking for students, alumni, and partner institutes. The association constantly provides students, alumni, and faculty with research opportunities, job announcements, internships, PhD, and possible connection with other institutes and industries. These announcements and news are constantly provided through their web services including their website, e-mailing, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, it constantly connects students with the EM Student and Alumni Association to expand students' network and unceasingly updates students with possible opportunities to join the activities of this association. The association organizes a general meeting every year, where students and alumni meet and exchange ideas. This annual meeting is aimed to connect students and alumni of different generation, providing several and lengthy occasions where the students and alumni get to know one another as individuals…
A video made by our alumnus Petar Sapun, around two years ago, when a group of ex-MathMods students returned to L'Aquila for the MaMoW14 workshop. This is what they have to say about how they met, what they learned and what they took from that experience.