MathMods & InterMaths Alumni Association

Erasmus Mundus MSc "MathMods" and Joint MSc "InterMaths"

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Established in May 2017


Join our group on Facebook to keep up-to-date on PhD programmes, job positions and much more! We'll help you to create suitable planning for your professional life and assist you in connecting with employers seeking for employees with interdisciplinary backgrounds. In addition, we'll provide an extensive job search tool suitable for MathMods alumni and students. Finding a job is not just a matter of applying for positions. In order to help you in this matter, the MathMods alumni provides you with its resource of experience to find the appropriate job, to sharpen your professional skills, and to increase your networking. You are just a few clicks away from getting access to our online resources which includes special futures such as connecting with employers, alumni professional stories, career podcasts, and networking events. Sign up now to our Facebook group