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University of Hamburg (UHH)

University of Hamburg (UHH)

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With about 38,000 students, Universität Hamburg is one of Germany's largest universities. Approximately 650 of the 4,100 academic staff are full professors. The School of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences comprises the departments Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Informatics, Mathematics and Physics. Today there are about 9500 students (thereof 900 Ph.D students and 3250 teacher trainees The Department of Mathematics of the University of Hamburg offers 2 B.Sc. and 4 M.Sc. programs. Beside the usual PhD program we offer two structured (externally funded) PhD programs: the DFG Research training group 1670 "Mathematics inspired by String Theory" and the "Lothar Collatz School of Computing in Science". The 22 Professors in the Department cover various fields in Mathematics, one third of the faculty is in Applied Mathematics. There is big variety of third party funded research projects, many of them of international character.


Department of Mathematics

Fields of research related to MathMods topics:  Differential equations, dynamical systems, numerical approximation and optimisation. Applications to: Traffic flows, fluid dynamics.

  Bundesstraße 55
20146 Hamburg - Germany

  +49 (0)40 42838-5115

  Fax: +49 (0)40 42838-5117


Partner coordinator

gasser thumbIngenuin Gasser
Professor for Modelling with Partial Differential Equations at the University of Hamburg

 Department of Mathematics
Bundesstr. 55
20146 Hamburg - Germany

  +49 (0)40 42838-5128

  +49 (0)40 42838-5117


With 1.7 million inhabitants, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and one of the 16 federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany. Hamburg is both a city and a state. Economically and culturally, Hamburg is the centre of all Northern Germany. 3,5 million people live in the metropolitan region of Hamburg - for them, Hamburg is a shopping and cultural metropolis. With 755 square kilometres, the city area is seven times larger than Paris and two and a half times larger than London. As a result, Hamburg's living and housing standards are particularly high. With 30 square metres of living space per person, Hamburg has the biggest average living space of all major cities in the world. As much as 14% of the city area is made up of green spaces and recreational areas. The international importance of Hamburg is underlined by over 90 consulates, Hamburg is second only to New York City in the world. As a trade centre, Hamburg has always been outward-looking, and this has shaped the mentality of the inhabitants of Hamburg. One of the football teams of Hamburg, the HSV, is the only football team in Germany which never descended from the Bundesliga. For further information on Hamburg click here.
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Hamburg is very easy to reach from all directions and by all means of transportation. Hamburg airport is located in the city zone and only 20 minutes from the city centre. There are many direct flight connections to the main cities in Europe, to Northern America, to the Middle and the the Far East.

Every hour there is a train connection between Hamburg and all the major cities of Central and Northern Europe. The long-distance trains stop at the main station (Hauptbahnhof) and at the Dammtor and Altona stations.

You can reach Hamburg by car or bus via a total of five autobahns and many main roads. Hamburg is a stop on the North Sea Bicycle Trail and is a port of call for many cruise ships.

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