Application is closed (deadline was April 30). Selection lists can be found here


Please note that you won't be charged any fee to take part in the whole application and selection process.

The Evaluation Committee will meet twice:

  1. In the period 19 April – 17 May 2021 the Evaluation Committee will evaluate all the applications successfully submitted by 1 pm 18 April 2021 and will draw up an Absolute Ranking List (ARL-A).
  2. In the period 2 – 31 May 2021 the Evaluation Committee will evaluate all the applications submitted from 1 pm 18 April 2021 to 1 pm 30 April 2021, and will draw up another Absolute Ranking List (ARL-B). The evaluation committee will merge the two ranking lists (ARL-A and ARL-B) to draw up the final absolute ranking list, which will be used to apply for funding opportunities.

The Evaluation Committee will then meet again in mid-August in order to finalize the pre-enrollments and to remove from the list the students who will not have certified the accomplishment of their bachelor's degree (or equivalent).


Selection criteria

  • CV (CV, academic records and recognition of the institution awarding the bachelor's degree): 60 points
  • English: 10 points
  • Motivation: 10 points
  • References: 10 points
  • Professional experience (pofessional experience, awards of honour with regard to age): 10 points


The minimum pass score for eligibility is 66.

In case of equal score reached by two candidates, the Committee agrees to try and maintain gender balance firstly, geographical balance secondly.

Selection list for the 2021 intake of the InterMaths programme will be available in this page (see the deadlines above).

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