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Cristina Pignotti
Cristina Pignotti
MathMods Academic
University of L'Aquila - Italy

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University of L'Aquila, Italy (UAQ)

Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics, via Vetoio (Coppito), 1 – 67100 L’Aquila (Italy)

University of Hamburg , Germany (UHH)

Department of Mathematics
Bundesstr. 55
20146 Hamburg - Germany

University of Côte d'Azur, Nice - France (UCA)

Laboratoire J.A.Dieudonné
Parc Valrose, France-06108 NICE Cedex 2

Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria (TUW)

Technische Universität Wien
Institute of Analysis & Scientific Computing
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8, 1040 Vienna - Austria