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African University of Science and Technology, Abuja
MSc. Computer Science and Engineering

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Name:  Godfred Epie Essongolle

Date of Birth:  23/03/1989

Nationality:   Cameroonian


MATHMODS Programme,

DISIM (Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics),

University of L’Aquila,

Via Vetoio 1 (Coppito), 67100 L’Aquila (AQ) – Italy


Erasmus Mundus M.Sc. MathMods Program (University of Hamburg, University of L’Aquila) (Sep. 2011 – Sep. 2013)

             M.Sc. Applied Mathematics from Erasmus Mundus MATHMODS Programme

African University of Science and Technology  (AUST) (Jan. 2010 – Sep. 2013)

M.Sc. Computer Science from African University of Science and Technology

University of Buea (Oct. 2006 – Jul. 2009)

B.Sc. Mathematics from University of Buea.

Grants, Awards and Honours:

3/2011 - Erasmus Mundus Category A Scholarship: scholarship given to 9 best non-European Students admitted for any of the Erasmus Mundus Programmes.

1/2010 – AUST Full Scholarship: Scholarship given to some of the Best Admitted students in AUST (African University of Science and Technology).

12/2009 - Award for Best Undergraduate Student in Mathematics: Price given by the Vice Chancellor of University of Buea during Graduation Ceremony.

5/2009 – Award for Best Undergraduate Student in Mathematics: Price given by organizers of the Buea International Conference in Mathematical Science.

 Research Interests:

  •  Mathematical Modelling of Interaction between Immune System and Cancer
  •  Mathematical Modelling of Tumour Growth
  •  Modelling and Simulation of Bio-molecules.
  •  Mathematical Modelling in Medicines

 Research Experience:

  •  GPU Implementation of the Monte Carlo Algorithm

Master Thesis Research: IASI-CNR BioMatLab at Ospedale di Gemelli  (Gemelli Hospital – Rome)

·      Developing a Mathematical Model for Rejection Immunity.

·      Analysis of the effect of the Pharmacodynamics of different Drugs on the Model.

 Master Thesis Research: Department of Computer Science, AUST

·      Design a Data Model for a Digital Library System and Implement Using Greenstone Software Package.

 Published Works:


Linux Knowledge:

  • Done a lot of programming and scripting (Shell programming) on the Linux terminal in C, C++, BASH, Python, and Perl.
  • Have a good knowledge of the Linux and Unix Operating System (CS Background).
  • Done some Molecular dynamics simulation and GPU Programming (single node) on a Linux Cluster  (Caliban)
  • (http://caliban.dm.univaq.it/wordpress/)




English very good

French good

Italian fair

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University of Hamburg , Germany (UHH)

Department of Mathematics
Bundesstr. 55
20146 Hamburg - Germany

University of Côte d'Azur, Nice - France (UCA)

Laboratoire J.A.Dieudonné
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