Frequently Asked Questions

I've got a degree in X: am I eligible?

No matter what kind of Bachelor's degree you already have (or you are going to gain), we need to look at all the required documents listed here to decide about your eligibility - the title of your degree programme is indeed not enough at all to make such a decision. All applications will be reviewed by our Scientific Committee after the deadline for applicatoin, not during the application process. Then, usually within a month, a selection list will be published and you'll know whether you are eligible or not for our programme.

As there are 3 universities, can I decide where to go?

A student cannot plan his/her own mobility scheme. However, our Master programme is designed to grant each student mobility in 2 or even 3 different countries.

During the first year you will indeed spend your first semester in L'Aquila (Italy) and the second one in Hamburg (Germany).

For the second year our scientific committee will decide who goes where. In any case, the mobility scheme will always involve two locations at least for each student over the whole programme. The committee will do its best to reach a compromise between the choices made by each student on their application and the need for allocating a balanced number of students to each partner university.

We're confident you understand that mobility paths can only be assigned at the beginning of the programme (in any case before the end of the first semester), when all the students from all over the world have actually turned up and been enrolled. It would be indeed useless to assign all the paths and try to match students' preferences during the pre-enrolment phase, when one or more students may still decide at any time to drop out and thus force us to allocate all the rest of the group all over again.

Is it assured that all courses will be in English in all the involved universities?

Yes, it is. All our courses will be in English and not in the native language of the institution where you will be studying. However, you'll have the opportunity to join courses of local language and culture at each of our partners.

Is there any fee to participate in the admission process?

No, there isn't. We won't charge you any fee to participate in the admission process. If you're admitted as a self-funding student, you'll then be emailed information about our participation costs.

My passport has expired or I haven't got it yet. What should I do?

You are allowed to temporarily submit an old one or an equivalent ID document (valid in your country to prove your identity) as long as you enclose to it a receipt of a request for passport.

However, remember that if you are selected, you will have to provide a copy of your valid passport as soon as possible.

Do I have to make a separate application for a scholarship?

No, you don't. It is not necessary to make a separate application for funding opportunities. We assume that all students applying for our Master before the deadline are also applying for the funding opportunities currently available. More information will be sent via email to all students after selection is completed.

Do I have to send any hard copies of my documents by post?

No, you don't. All documents have to be uploaded using your account in the online application form. We do not need any hard copies for the evaluation procedure. Only if you are admitted to the programme, you will be asked to submit original documents to our Registrar's to finalize your enrolment.

Can I upload a copy my TOEFL/IELTS score or do I have to send it through ETS?

Either solution is correct. But if it's going to be sent via post, make sure it reaches us before the evaluation starts.

The language of instruction in my school/university was English. Do I still have to submit an English certificate (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS...)?

Obviously you don't. Applicants who have conducted their undergraduate degree or secondary school studies in an English-speaking institution only have to provide evidence that English is the medium of instrucion in such institutions (even via a self-declaration form).

Can I be admitted to this program if I already have a master's degree?

There's no problem at all with that

What exactly is meant by "electronic copy (.pdf)" and how to create it?

It simply means that the documents for your application have to be uploaded only as .pdf files, in order to avoid viruses and difficulties with opening some file formats.

When scanning your document, please remember that your file cannot be too large. So, before scanning, set an adequate dpi and/or output print size and format (e.g. document, not photo quality).

When scanning is completed, you have to save it as pdf file. If the software you are using doesn't allow saving documents as pdf, visit the following web-sites which provide free online conversion. You will have to upload your files (jpeg, tiff, doc...) and enter your email address. Then, you will receive the pdf version by email.

How can I upload a pdf document that has more than one page?

If you forgot to create one single pdf file while scanning the pages of your document (e.g. transcript of records), you'll now need a piece of software to do that. Most applications that manage pdf files can do that.

But if you haven't got any good software, just use this free online resource:

I applied last year. Do I have to apply again?

Can you renew my application automatically? No, we can't. You'll have to register and upload your documents again as some admission criteria have been changed.

When will I know about the selection list?

A preliminary list of students selected will be usually available within a month after the deadline for application has passed.

Please do not contact us before the evaluation process is completed. Thank you for understanding.

Where can I submit my reference letters?

Reference letters cannot be simply scanned and uploaded through your profile. Instead, you'll have to use our online reference system, which will let you send an invitation to your designated referees.

Your referees will receive an invitation via email with the credentials, the link and the instructions on how to provide a reference for you through our online reference system. They will find some specific questions there on that webpage, and at the end they will be asked to write some additional comment. If they wish, they can even upload their own reference letter (saved as pdf) through that link.

More information is in your profile (available after successful registration). Just follow the link here to sign up.

Is there any age limit?

No, there is no age limit to apply.

What can I do after MathMods?

The typical professional areas for the graduated students from the MathMods master are innovation and advanced planning, especially concerning with the definition and validation of models and calculus procedures, referred to one or more technological fields. The mathematical engineers will be able to practise functions with high responsibility at research and development centres, both public and private, in advanced-technology fields of industry, computation laboratories and companies providing data management and development of numerical codes for industry.

For more info, read the introduction to our programme

I haven't got a complete transcript yet. Can I still apply?

Just submit a temporary certificate stating the courses/exams you've taken so far. Then, when you graduate, you can email us a final version of your transcript of records.
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