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All students, both European and non-European ones, must be adequately insured against accident, injury and ill-health while participating in an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course outside their home country. Personal medical cover is required in most European countries, even those which have a public health system. You may also want to consider travel insurance, which protects you, your travel documents and your belongings while you are away from home.

    • Insurance Scheme for EM Scholarship holders
      The MathMods programme offers special cover (complying with EACEA's minimum requirements) to its EM-scholarship holders at no extra cost. Their families can also benefit from special premiums with the same insurers. The insurance covers risks related to health, accidents, death, permanent invalidity and civil responsibility.
      The insurance cover takes effect on the start of the "Erasmus Mundus" Masters Course in which the student is enrolled and is valid until the end of the course. More specifically, the start of the insurance cover is linked to the departure date from the third country to the European Union and vice versa. This means that any claim made before the departure to the European Union cannot be considered by the insurance company. The beginning of the insurance can be brought forward for maximum 2 months if the student arrives earlier to his destination and the end of the insurance may be postponed of maximum 3 months if the student stays longer abroad.


  • Insurance Scheme for non-EM Scholarship holders
    If you are going to join MathMods programme on your own funding because you have not been awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, you will still need to be adequately insured against accidents, injury and ill-health for the whole period of the programme. An insurance card will also be required by Italian authorities in order to apply for a residence permit after your arrival.
    In the months that precede your arrival, we will send you information by email about the insurance coverage chosen by MathMods for the EM-scholarship holders, which costs around 30 euros (taxes included) per month. Then you can decide to buy a different one by yourself (but we will not assist you in this case) or keep the one you may already have in your country. But, in any case your insurance coverage will have to comply with the minimum requirements established by the Erasmus Mundus Programme available at this link:
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drwalter erasmus protrip plus website

Insurance for the current batch

 "Protrip-World-Plus" by Dr. Walter

in association with Allianz, Generali, Europ Assistance


The information below is from Please refer to the insurance official website for complete up-to-date information, terms and conditions.

1. Assistance services

The staff of Dr Walter's emergency center will provide you with immediate assistance if you need help within your assistance insurance policy.

SOS Phone # 24h/24h +49 (0) 89 55987641

The services include: assistance in case of loss of means of payment, loss of travel documents, assistance in the event of criminal prosecution, return journey in case of an emergency, arrival of a person in a position of trust in case of an emergency. 


2. What to do in an emergency

Do you require police, rescue or firefighting services?

Call the emergency phone number in Europe: 112 (911 while you are in the USA and Canada)

Do you require help from your international health insurance or your assistance provider?

Call the insurer's 24 hour emergency number in case of urgent medical emergencies and to make use of assistance services.

SOS Phone # 24h/24h +49 (0) 89 55987641

SOS Phone # 24h/24h (USA and Canada only) +1 954 308 3923


3. What to do in the event of illness?

Do you suffer from a cold or toothache? Go see a doctor! Inform your doctor about your policy's scope of benefits to avoid over treatment. After treating you, the doctor will give you an invoice. This invoice must include: your full name, illness, type of individual medical services performed as well as the total treatment costs. 
Then, submit your original invoice along with your insurance number and bank data. Processing of your request usually takes 7 to 14 days. After that, Dr Walter will refund your costs by means of bank transfer to the account mentioned by you. Visit for contact details and claim forms.

What to do when travelling in the USA and Canada?

Contact Dr Walter's partner GMMI in the USA for advice and support – if possible prior to a medical treatment (24 hour emergency number). The staff of GMMI will help you to choose the right doctor or hospital, will explain all the billing details and can take care of direct billing with doctors and hospitals. You can call GMMI 24/7 in the USA and in Canada at +1-855-488-5523 (toll free) and at +954-308-3923 (local call).


4. Hospital stay

If you plan to stay at a hospital, please call the 24 hour emergency number of your insurer to receive information about appropriate hospitals nearby and how to proceed further.

SOS Phone # 24h/24h +49 (0) 89 55987641

SOS Phone # 24h/24h (USA and Canada only) +1 954 308 3923

If you are admitted to a hospital, you will be asked about your insurance cover. You are covered by International Health Insurance. The policy covers treatment within compulsory health insurance without optional services. The easiest way for you is to present your insurance certificate during the admission. After your admission, the hospital will contact Dr Walter and, under normal circumstances, Dr Walter will then settle the billing directly with the hospital.


Terms, conditions, claim forms

Visit for up-to-date forms and conditions

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Insurance cover for the 2013 & 2014 batches

ips insurance card

Insurance cover for the 2013 & 2014 batches

IPS - Insurance Passport for Students, powered by Meeùs


SOS International 24h/24h # +31 20 6515929

      • What is covered by your IPS Primary insurance?.
      • Make a claim | Form for medical expenses |
      • FAQs
        • When does my cover start?
          Cover starts the moment you leave your home address or your actual address to go abroad.
        • Am I covered if I go back home or on a holiday?
          A temporary return of up to 4 consecutive weeks to your home country is covered, where it involves a family visit or is necessitated by an exceptional event (see policy conditions). Holidays to your home country or other countries are also covered for up to 4 consecutive weeks.
        • More FAQs
      • How does it work?
        • If you should get hospitalized, you need to contact SOS International (+31 20 6515929) right away! SOS International will give a warranty to the hospital and pay the invoices directly to the hospital, worldwide.
        • On the other hand, you'll have to pay by yourself the small amounts for family doctors, dentists or pharmacy. Make sure you get a receipt! Then, you'll have to complete a claim form and send both receipts and form to IPS. Afterwards, IPS will reimburse the expenses to your bank account (the one mentioned on the claim form).

IPS MathMods special offer 2013
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IPS MathMods special offer 2014
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IPS Insurance - Terms and Conditions
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IPS Insurance - Erasmus Mundus leaflets
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IPS Insurance - Leaflets
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  Visit: for up-to-date terms & conditions


Insurance cover until the 2012 cohort

insurance cardInsurance cover until the 2012 cohort



SOS International 24h/24h # +32 2 5419131

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