Thesis  @  1 of the partners  30 ECTS credits

In the fourth semester all students will be working on their Master's thesis.

The topic of the thesis can be proposed to the student by the local coordinator of the master or by the student him/herself. In any case, the MathMods executive committee is the responsible to approve the thesis project before its formal start. The taste and expectations of the students are respected whenever possible. The student must write a short thesis project, with the help of his/her advisor, for the approval by the executive committee. The local coordinator in the hosting institution is the responsible to provide an academic advisor to the student, although proposals from the students will always be heard in this respect. Although the thesis is scheduled for the fourth semester, some preliminary work may be anticipated, if the opportunity requires so, but ensuring that the student can follow the courses of the third semester without problems. Clearly, in this point, the personalised attention to the students has to be intensified, and decisions taken case by case.

The thesis topic can be related to a problem proposed by a private company. In this case, a tutor will be designated by the company as responsible person of the work of the student, especially if he/she is possibly working in the facilities of the company; however, the academic advisor is, in any case, the responsible to ensure the progress, adequacy and scientific quality of the thesis. The necessary agreements between the university and the company will be signed in due time, according to the local rules, in order that academic credits could be legally obtained during an internship, and the students be covered by the insurance against accidents outside the university.

  A few theses defended by your graduates can be found in the Downloads section

  List of private industries/enteprises available for Internships

Below you can find a list of the Master degrees awarded by the MathMods consortium

Joint Master's Degrees

joint msc mathmods degree diploma 2021 small

Upon graduation, students will be awarded a Joint MSc Degree in "Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications", equivalent to:

Joint degrees are awarded to the students who have successfully completed the MathMods programme as shown in the chart below

mathmods diploma Institution awarding the Master's degree
UAQ L'Aquila UHH Hamburg
UniCA Nice LUH Hannover UGR Granada

Institution where you spend your Semester3

UAQ L'Aquila Joint Joint      
UHH Hamburg Joint Joint      
UniCA Nice  Joint Joint Joint    
LUH Hannover Joint Joint   Joint  
UGR Granada Joint Joint     Joint