We're glad to announce the opening of applications for the 2016 batch of our Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Course MathMods and its related Erasmus Mundus scholarships worth up to 47,000 euros!

Browse the Admission section to find detailed information about requirements, deadlines and the link to the on-line application form.

If you've got questions about how to apply, take a look at our FAQs or just email us!

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From the download section you can download the selection list for the 2015/2017 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: Programme and Partner countries.

Selection list 2015
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  • All the applicants in the main list (students being awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship) are going to receive an email on the next couple of days with detailed instructions on what to do to confirm their position.
  • All the applicants in the reserve list (waiting list) are obviously eligible for our MSc programme. They may join our programme as self-funding students (more details will be emailed soon) and even be awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship if their ranking is relatively high and any of the applicants above them should reject our scholarship. Further information about this, as well as details about the possibility to benefit from reduction of the tuition fees and additional grants, will be emailed on the next days.
  • If your ID number is not in the list, unfortunately this means that you are in the non-selected list. This doesn't necessarily mean that your application was not good enough (by the way, we have received more than 972 applications!), but that it was given a ranking lower than the one given to other applicants before you in the list. In actual fact, the European Agency (EACEA) only allows us to have a relatively limited number of eligible students in the reserve list, mainly because of the fact that the number of scholarships is quite limited and it would be no use to have such a long waiting list.

What if I don't have my ID number?

Your ID no. can be found:

  • in your online profile
  • in your registration email
  • in your confirmation email

If you don't even remember your login and password, visit the page of the application form. You'll find a link that says "Forgot login?"

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EMA Representative for 2014-2015

Saturday, 13 December 2014 17:21

Congratulations to our current student Miriam Srokova, who has just been elected as PR (Programme Representative) at EMA (Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association) for the current 2014/15 cycle of the MathMods Programme.

More information can be found here.

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Application for 2015/17 is open

Friday, 17 October 2014 16:15

We're glad to announce that the application for the 2015/2017 batch of the MathMods Master's Course (and its related Erasmus Mundus scholarships) has just been opened.

Browse the Admission section to find detailed information and the link to the on-line application form.

Please note that some of the information on the scholarship page is still to be updated as we're waiting for the EACEA to confirm the number of scholarhips and special windows we will be assigned this year.

If you've got questions about how to apply, feel free to email us!

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