Thesis defence day in Hamburg

Written by Saturday, 27 December 2014 12:06

A few photos from the Thesis Defense Day held in September 2014 in Hamburg University. Congratulations to our graduates and all the best in your future!

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Internationale Weihnachtsfeier 2014

Thursday, 18 December 2014 16:28
This week we've invited our MathMods (Phd) students for some Christmas celebrations and to conclude with the current year. Our MathMods team was keen on baking cookies, cakes and sweets, some typical German and Italian Christmas sweets like Stollen (a sort of sweet bread), Lebkuchen and Parrozzo and the students tasted some hot punch - Glühwein (unfortunately alcohol-free :-( ). Professor Struckmeier was so friendly to bring two guitars for accompanying with Gabriel our brave students :-) while singing a few German and international Christmas carols. Thank you all very much for contributing to the success of our Christmas party! We wish our students and the MathMods teams all over Europe the very best for 2014, may the New Year bring you all health, happiness and joy. Merry Christmas from the Mathematics Department in Hamburg!
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UHH timetable, winter term 2014/2015

Monday, 13 October 2014 22:04

Please find attached a timetable of lectures for our students spending their second year at UHH, University of Hamburg.

Click here to download it

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Alster-Run 2014 on 6 July 2014

Written by Thursday, 10 July 2014 22:08

On 6 July we participated with the largest MathMods running group (37 runners) ever since the programme started. The KKH-Alster-Run 2014 has been organized by a German health insurance company. The entry fee (6 euro for each runner) went to Germany's wellknown charity programme entitled "Ein Herz für Kinder". The running distance was 7.4 km, around the Outer Alster which was quite a lot farer than the previous years (4.5 km through the Hafencity) It was amazing that so many students participated, a few of them even during the Ramadan, on that hot summer day (about 28 degrees)!

The programme was very family-friendly (different distances for different target groups) and motivating, especially the guided warming-up exercises for our long distance runners were great fun for everybody (sportsmen and fans :-)). We think that the fotos speak well for themselves. As special guests we welcomed our visiting professor Sergio Gonzalez as well as Professor Gasser's daughters who both were very successful in the run for beginners (2.4 kilometers) .

In order to pass the time while the runners were competing the spectators enjoyed the wonderful Alster panorama as well as the performances of typical (German) sports club culture (dance and cheerleader performance of young girls and trampoline acrobatic). Additionally beverages were for free as well as a shorts-shirt for all runners.

All our sportsmen were successful. Congratulations! Here comes the ranking of the best runners:
1. Professor Gasser (39 minutes) 2. Miriam (43 minutes) 3. Adriano (Professor Gasser's nephew) (43 minutes), 4. Mohamed (45 minutes) 5. Alexandr (46 minutes).

At the end there was a presentation ceremony and surprisingly Professor Gasser was awarded a cheque about 200 euros for the University of Hamburg for our team being the third largest of the event!

Congratulations to the all runners and supporters!

View photos from this link or use the slideshow here below.


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