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This is our 2020 curriculum. For the new structure, valid as of the 2021 intake, click here

Semester3 for 2020 intake

Applications  @  1 of the 4 partners  30 ECTS credits

The third semester is dedicated to a specialisation at one of the partner universities, which all offer a specific programme related to their particular field of excellence and research (see the list below). Please note that it will be the MathMods team to decide in which institution each student will spend their second year (third and fourth semester). The committee will do their best to reach a compromise between the choices made by each student on their application and the need for allocating a balanced number of students to each partner university.

The five study pathways (aka specialisations or branches or tracks) offered are consistent with the background acquired in the first year, but are different since they are also based on the expertise and tradition of each member of the consortium. In fact there are two classes of specialisations: the third semester specializations TUW and UAQ2 are methodologically oriented, as they refer to somewhat specific mathematical techniques that are broadly applicable in almost all engineering areas. In contrast, the Year2 tracks UHH, UCA, UAQ1 are application-oriented: they treat narrower application areas with many different mathematical tools. Similarly to semester 2, the year 2 study pathway in Hamburg will be offered at UHH, with a synergy between the two universities in the implementation of the offer

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Semester 3 Applications 1 of our partners
     •  Agent-based modelling and transport phenomena UAQ, Italy
     •  Mathematical modelling and optimisation UAQ, Italy
     •  Modelling and simulation of complex systems UHH, Germany
     •  Mathematical modelling with applications to finance UCA, France
     •  Advanced modelling and numerics for applied PDEs TUW, Austria