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Lahore University of Management Science, Pakistan
BS Electrical Engineering

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Mathmods – Erasmus Mundus MSC


Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications

4th Semester (Thesis): Technical University of Hamburg, Germany

3rd  Semester (Applications): University of Hamburg, Germany

2nd Semester (Numerics): University of Hamburg, Germany

1st  Semester (Theory): University of L’Aquila, Italy

LUMS, Pakistan   

Jun 2012

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

Concentrations: Dynamical Systems and Control

Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA   

Dec 2011

Bachelor of Science (Exchange Program)

Major: Electrical Engineering (GPA: 3.64)

GIK Institute School, Pakistan   

Jun 2008

High School/ Intermediate

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES                                                                    

Clintworld GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Feb'16 to date


Pricing Analytics | Pricing Optimization | Competitive Analytics | Telecom Billing Assurance


TUHH Hamburg, Germany

Apr'15 to Aug'15

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Control Systems Lab, Institute of Control Systems


TRG Tech. (The Resource Group), Pakistan

May'13 to Aug'13

Analyst Software Engineer

SATMAP Artificial Intelligence Team


Inovedia Technologies (PVT) Ltd. - Lahore

May'12 to Apr'13

Network Support Executive


Lahore University of Management Sciences, SSE – Lahore

Jun'11 to Jul'11


Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Abubakr Muhammad at CYPHYNETS, LUMS carried out two projects: Control of Ball on Beam System, and Control of Ball on Plate System.


Babar Ali Foundation – Lahore

Jun'10 to Jul'10

Volunteer Teacher

As a BAF scholar, volunteered to teach ‘Problem Solving in Mathematics’ to high school students at two different schools: The Pioneers English Grammar School and Sun Rise Public School, Swabi.


RESEARCH & PROJECTS                                                               

Linear-Parameter Varying Control of a 6-dof AUV

Jun 2012

Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Herbert Werner [TUHH, Hamburg]

Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Berger [UHH, Hamburg]

To design an LPV (Linear-Parameter Varying) controller for a 6-DOF AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) to track a reference path and reject disturbances. Conservatism and complexity are compared for LPV gridding and LFT (Linear Fractional Transformation) based synthesis techniques.


Stability and Control of Passive-Dynamic Systems

Jun 2012

Supervisor: Assistant Professor Dr. Abubakr Muhammad [LUMS SSE]

Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Vincent Winstead [Minnesota State University, USA]

To study dynamics of a two-leg robot, walking on a downhill slope due to gravity. Control for such locomotion is designed using applied mathematics stability analysis of limit cycles in MATLAB.


Motion Planning with Nonholonomic Constraints

Jun 2012

To Study ‘Motion planning’ as a bounded value problem of path planning, for a robot vehicle with obstacles. Combinatorial methods in probabilistic roadmaps are studied for path planning for Dubin’s Car with physical limitation in discrete and continuous domains.


3D Hologram Design using Atmel AVR Microcontroller

Jun 2011

Term Project:  EE 321: Data Acquisition and interfacing

Supervisor: Assistant Professor Dr. Momin Uppal


Control of Self-Stabilizing Inverted Pendulum

May 2011

To study dynamics of an Inverted Pendulum, and design control using stability analysis, phase plane analysis, bifurcation theory, and singular perturbation theory.


Control of Ball on Beam and Ball on Plate Systems

Jun 2011

Project completed during summer internship

Supervisor: Assistant Professor Abubakr Muhammad [CYPHYNETS, Pakistan]


Design of a low cost FM Transmitter

Dec 2009

Course Project for EE 241 - Introductory Electronics Lab


Boids Simulation using MATLAB

May 2009

Course Project for CS 102 - Problem Solving using Computers

Supervisor: Associate Professor Sohaib Khan [LUMS SSE]


HONORS & AWARDS                                                                                       

·         Erasmus Mundus (Category A) Scholarship

(Mathmods- Mathematical Modelling in Engineering; Theory, Numberics and Applications)

·         Fulbright Global UGRAD Exchange Fellowship 2011-12

(Cultural ambassador of Pakistan to United States, by US Department of State)

·         Represented Pakistan at Olimpiada Matematica Espanola, OME Spain 2009

(Royal Society of Mathematics, Spain)

·         Finalist Pakistan Team for International Mathematical Olympiad, [IMO] Spain 2008

(Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU Lahore)

·         Gold Medal for Country top in International Kangaroo Math Contest [IKMC] 2008

(No. of candidates: 37419, Pakistan Kangaroo Commission)

·         Country top in Asian-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad [APMO] 2008

(No. of candidates: 15, Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU Lahore)

·         First position in National Mathematical Olympiad [NMO] 2008

(Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU Lahore)

·         Selected for National Science Talent Contest [NSTC] 2007

(STEM Careers Programme)

·         LUMS NOP Scholarship 2008-2012

(Syed Babar Ali Foundation, Pakistan)



  • Skills: Project Management, Leadership, Problem Solving
  • Technical Skills: SQL, MATLAB, Simulink, C, C++, LATEX, HTML, MS Office, Data Analysis
  • City Coordinator for GIK Institute (Topi) on behalf of STEM Career Project (SCP) Pakistan
  • Active member of NSTC Alumni Association, HEC Pakistan.
  • Member of society SPADES, LUMS.
  • Member of State Alumni (US. Department of State)
  • Hobbies: Reading, Travelling, Hitchhiking, Couchsurfing






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