Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory

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  • ECTS credits: 6
  • University: University of L'Aquila
  • Semester: 1
  • Objectives:


    The course is intended to introduce and develop an understanding of the concepts in nonlinear dynamical systems and bifurcation theory, and an ability to analyze nonlinear dynamic models of physical systems. The emphasis is to be on understanding the underlying basis of local bifurcation analysis techniques and their applications to structural and mechanical systems.

  • Topics:


    Review of: first-order nonlinear ODE, first-order linear systems of autonomous ODE. Local theory for nonlinear dynamical systems: linearization, stable manifold theorem, stability and Liapunov functions, planar non-hyperbolic critical points, center manifold theory, normal form theory. Global theory for nonlinear systems: limit sets and attractors, limit cycles and separatrix cycles, Poincaré map. Hamiltonian systems. Poincaré-Bendixson theory. Bifurcation theory for nonlinear systems: structural stability, bifurcation at non-hyperbolic equilibrium points, Hopf bifurcations, bifurcation at non hyperbolic periodic orbits. Applications.

  • Prerequisites:


    Ordinary differential equations

  • Books:


    Lawrence Perko, Differential equations and dynamical systems, Springer-Verlag, 2001

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