The schedules of lectures for semester 1, academic year 2021/22 (both Year 1 and Year 2 courses), are available on the website of our department (DISIM department, University of L'Aquila).

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Congratulations to the first 8 graduates of the new MSc in Mathematical Modelling who were conferred with their Master Degrees in L'Aquila last Thursday, September 16, 2021

"Mathematical Modelling" is the recently-born MSc programme on which MathMods (Joint MSc) relies locally at the University of L'Aquila.

For more information, see the official announcement (in Italian only) from this link:

Twitter: link

Facebook: link
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Selection results: MathMods 2021

Tuesday, 01 June 2021 09:13

Selection list for the 2021 intake of the MathMods MSc programme is out now!

To view the results document, browse the Downloads section.

Selection list 2021
Date 2021-06-01 - File size 48.17 KB

In the next few days all our eligible candidates will receive information via email about how to join MathMods, deadline for fees, invitation letters, visa etc.

Please do not contact us before having received such an email message, thank you.

Where can you find your ID number? Just check the confirmation email you got when you submitted your application form.

If your ID number is not in the list, unfortunately this means that you are in the non-selected list. This doesn't necessarily mean that your application was not good enough (by the way, we have received around 290 applications), but that it received a ranking lower than the one given to other applicants before you in the list. And given the relatively limited number of students allowed to enrol in the programme, it would be no use to have such a long waiting list.
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Schedule for Semester2 (2020/2021) at UHH

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From the link below you may download the schedule of lectures for the second semester (Sommer Semester) at the University of Hamburg (academic year 2020/2021).

Schedule of lectures - Semester2 in UHH 2020/2021 academic year
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